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$18,150 as shown

($9,075 deposit)

As hurricanes sweep across the Atlantic their power can be felt in the reefs between Fishers Island, NY and Watch Hill, RI. The swells roll in from south and build up on Catumb Rock, breaking in a crescendo of booming surf. Among these waves a little bird appears to be walking on the water. The petrel was named after Saint Peter by early fisherman for its habit of fluttering along the surface of the water as it feeds. "Petrel" is designed to walk on water out in the late season hurricane swells, but is also suitable for fluttering across the water in more sheltered waters.

4 months

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random colored western red cedar, white cedar, fiberglass epoxy
518cm (17') Long x 51cm (20") Wide x 33cm (13") High, 40 lbs
custom designs and sizes available