Basil Bouris and Lana Bernberg founded TRACE Furniture with the belief that beauty inspires curiosity.  

Basil’s pieces explore solid wood as a moving form, dynamic in every dimension.  Whether revealing the contour of the tree with a live-edge, or sculpting a table leg, much of Basil’s work is an exploration of the patterns and information created by the circumstances of how and where each tree grew.   

Select handcrafted pieces are accompanied by a Provenance Passport TM – a story of geography, history and culture that links the furniture to the life of a responsibly and locally harvested tree. 

As TRACE’s lead designer and master furniture maker, Basil believes in the alchemy of what happens when he designs with love for the material, the place from which it came, and for the people who will make his furniture their own.

Basil met Lana while she was in graduate school studying environmental conservation education. Lana and Basil found common artistic ground and soon launched their company. Lana serves as creative director.

They have two sons and live and work in New York’s Catskill Mountains.

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