The range of contemporary lighting and furniture Tom Raffield creates is based on beauty, integrity and a desire to create unique products that will be cherished by their owners. From sourcing the right timber to using the best finish, everything Tom produces is the result of thought, consideration and artistry. His hand-turned pieces are not slaves to trends, but rather timeless and precious works of art – made to stand the test of time.

Tom grew up surrounded by the extreme wilderness, tranquility and natural beauty of Exmoor, England – an environment that sparked his imagination, and inspired his adventurous designs. While studying at Falmouth College of Arts, he became fascinated with the traditional practice of steam bending. After years of research, Tom developed his own way of using steam, which has reinvented this traditional process and brought it into the 21st century. The new tools and methods Tom created allow him to twist and bend wood into intricate and exceptional shapes.

Tom is as committed to sustainability as he is to cutting-edge design. All of his timber comes from sustainably managed woodlands where more trees are planted than cut down. In addition, steam bending is a low-energy method of manufacturing that does not use toxic or harmful chemicals.

Tom has earned several accolades, including the 2011 Lighting Design Association’s Lighting Design Award.

Tom works in Cornwall, England.

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