Tina Vlassopulos is a studio potter whose work is an exploration of the relationship between shape, volume and negative space, drawing visual ideas from nature and her interest in the performing arts.

She is concerned in instilling a sense of movement and poise in each piece while also creating harmony. Her pieces are balanced by a sculptural context to the forms and the concept of container carries only an aesthetic and symbolic value.

Tina habitually uses stoneware, to which she often adds oxides; rich, earthy reds contrast with the subtle, cool shades of blue, off-white, lavender and egg-shell. Each work is hand-built, an intensive process which can take up to a week for each pot. The pieces are scraped with a combination of surform blades and metal kidneys, smoothed with wooden ribs, burnished with a metal spoon, and finally polished with a piece of polyethylene around her finger.

There is a paradoxical quality inherent in Tina’s sculpture; animation within stillness, intimate yet remote, expansive but contained, both emotive and discreet, dignified but somehow slinky, uncompromising but never dogmatic, confident as opposed to severe, witty not arch. Her work suggests possibilities and interplay, as opposed to making strident statements.

A member of the Crafts Council, Tina has won numerous awards and held various exhibitions, including at the Victoria and Albert Museum and Royal College of Art in London.

Tina lives and works in London, England.

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