Driven by his love for Art Deco Design, Seamus Fairtlough created the Fairtlough Collection, a line of custom-made, handcrafted furniture enhanced with exotic skins. The simplicity of Seamus' designs brings the focus on the Parchment, Shagreen, Python and Ostrich hides that he uses to embellish each piece.

Each piece in the Fairtlough collection is skillfully handcrafted from solid mahogany, then polished and waxed by hand to achieve a deep, luxurious sheen that showcases the wood's grain and texture. Seamus then selects from an extensive array of the highest quality exotic skins sourced from around the world, all of which are imported under the strictest compliance with the convention on international trade in endangered species. All of the hides used are by-products of the species.

Originally from Ireland, Seamus now lives and works in New York City.


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