Sanborn Canoe Co. is a light-weight wooden canoe and kayak paddle company whose ethos is to use the highest levels of craftsmanship and the finest materials to preserve and cultivate the heritage of paddling. Nestled in the beautiful bluff country of Winona, Minnesota, the company was founded in 2009 by a group of devoted canoeists, campers and friends (Todd Randall, John, Zak and Greg Fellman, Mark and Michael Boysen and Kevin Kreisel). Each paddle is crafted from grained western red and white cedar - and are often a striking mixture of rich dark red tones and lighter, more subtle reds that create striking lines of laminated wood. But Sanborn's products aren't designed to only be admired. These well-balanced, light-weight and thin-bladed models are crafted to be taken to the waters, and used on long adventures.

Sanborn Canoe paddles are handcrafted in Winona, Minnesota

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