Pigeon Toe╩╝s aspiration is simple: to provide mankind with everyday beauty. With an aversion to fast-paced and mass-produced goods, Lisa Jones formed Pigeon Toe in 2009 with a vision to design uniquely beautiful objects that incorporate a touch of history in every piece. 

Featuring artisan objects that transcend trends, each piece is an attempt to redefine a new age of homegrown, grassroots aesthetics. Pigeon Toe’s designs are naturally imperfect, casually irreverent and playfully charming. The result? Heirlooms that are hardly old-fashioned. Objects that appear discovered, rather than acquired. Objects with a vision, a purpose. A heritage. Objects with a story.

After learning how to throw in fourth grade, Lisa spent a lifetime avoiding pottery. From graphic design to marketing to video installation, she steered clear from life in craft until her longing to work with her hands took her full-circle, back to her days as a nine-year-old ceramicist.

Pigeon Toe is based in Portland, Oregon.

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