Pia Wüstenberg is a German-Finnish artist known for marrying traditional design techniques and deliciously organic materials to create objects that have a contemporary aesthetic and modern function.  Her distinctive body of work includes Stacking Vessels, a series of functional sculpture, each consisting of three separate containers that stack to form the overall shape, and the Processed Paper series, comprising cylinders created from rolled wastepaper, which she then turned on a lathe to shape distinctive marbleized-looking vases, lamps and table bases.

Pia’s creative vision and interplay of surfaces, color, materials and texture was honed during her many years of academic training. She studied glass, ceramics and metal design at the Surrey Institute of Art and Design in Surrey, England, followed by three years studying furniture design and craftsmanship at Buck New University in Buckinghamshire, England.

Pia lives and works in London. 

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