Established in 2007 Petta Thompson is owned and operated by interior designer Rita Petta and artist Rebecca Thompson. The combined strengths of the two partners forge exquisite art and decorative accessories that create a tactile, refined and sumptuous symbiotic relationship for interior environments. Petta Thompson's artwork possesses a monumentality that comes from a keen sense of composition and efficiency in line. The techniques and practices used at Petta Thompson infuse old-world processes and media with modernized applications creating a delicate balance that is artfully mastered. Petta Thompson's pieces are not just objects with specific purpose - they are objects of art.

Along with their select team of skilled artists and artisans, Petta Thompson provides individual attention and personal commitment to each client's specifications. They offer both collection and customized products that reflect the highest qualities of execution and craftsmanship. Each piece communicates subtlety through the use of unusual materials, historical relevance and cutting edge sophistication - a delicate balance that is artfully mastered and attests to Petta Thompson's passion for beautiful designs.

Petta Thompson is based in Oakville, Connecticut.

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