Specializing in garden art, garden tools and sculpture, Persimmon Tree Forge was founded by artist and blacksmith Jeff Reinhardt – literally in the shade of a large persimmon tree. Jeff hand forges each piece using traditional blacksmithing technique, marrying quality craftsmanship with a sense of whimsy. Jeff believes that tools should be first-class, and reflect the quality of the work to be done. He designs pieces built to last and withstand the demands of tending to a garden.

Jeff comes from a multi-generation family of metal workers and craftsmen. His expertise runs the gamut, from jewelry design and welding to plant engineering to running research labs for a large metal working factory. Jeff does blacksmithing demonstrations and teaches his techniques as a member of the Indiana Blacksmithing Association.

Persimmon Tree Forge is based in Floyds Knobs, Indiana.

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