For 250 years Nymphenburg’s famous porcelain collections have represented unique charm and individuality, perfectly reflecting the feeling and style of its time. From an early stage, Nymphenburg won famous artists to work for it who – with their designs – significantly influenced the manufactory's style and image. Invented, designed, manufactured and brought to life by the most gifted artists and craftsmen, Nymphenburg porcelain is synonymous with extraordinary taste.

The Nymphenburg manufactory cultivates the old traditions of porcelain production. Every piece is completely handcrafted – from the first mixture of raw material to the last hand painted piece. The manufactory holds a fantastic treasure of about 30,000 different designs from all periods, from Rococo to Empire, from Art nouveau to the 20th century. Throughout the company's history, Nymphenburg shapes and designs have continuously been combined in different ways, confirming their timelessness.

Nymphenburg is based in the Nymphenburg Palace in the Bavarian capital of Munich.



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