By fully embracing the anachronistic practice of building cameras for analog photography, Mottweiler Studio – founded by Kurt Mottweiler – is internally renowned for designs ranging from exquisitely crafted wood and brass pinhole cameras to sleek, computer-driven panoramic cameras.

Like any creative pursuit practiced with deliberate intent, Kurt’s work with cameras has evolved its own particular aesthetic – one that runs the gamut from wood and metal fabrication techniques to work with leather, fabric, composites, electronics and even software code. He views traditional camera making as a combination of architecture, engineering and design – a toolmaker’s craft practiced with a nod to photo-history and a wink at modern design.

In contrast to the typical rectilinear forms that make up most of traditional wooden camera design, Kurt’s cameras – dating back to 1991 – have often incorporated curved forms that reflect the functional requirements of the panoramic photographic format. The designs that make up the bulk of this collection have a field of view that ranges from 90 degrees to 120 degrees and includes the rotating panoramic camera format capable of surpassing 360 degrees field of view.

Kurt’s cameras are owned both by practicing photographers and collectors of beautiful objects across the globe.

Kurt lives and works in Portland, Oregon. 

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