Ceramicist Kerry Hastings’ handmade pieces combine a contemporary color palette with age-old design traditions she has honed over many years. Inspiration is drawn from colors found in nature, particularly the landscape of her Scottish childhood – the blue of the sea, the green of the hills, the red and black of the rocky cliffs.

With a keen artisan’s eye, Kerry makes two primary bodies of work: one on the potter’s wheel and the other handcrafted with coils of clay. Her lustre bowls vessels explore themes such as harmony and discord, color and form, silhouette and contour. 

By making the work with narrow bases and wide undulating rims, Kerry imparts to each of her sculptural pieces an energy and motion that is reminiscent of certain natural forms such as the swell of a wave, a bird in flight or the contours of rolling hills.

Kerry Hastings is based in London, England.


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