Comma Workshop is a company dedicated to bringing a fresh perspective to the time-honored traditions of quilting and storytelling. Each quilt has an original story or poem – written by founder and designer Kerry Larkin – quilted directly into it. Themes of life and adventure combine with a surreal, dreamlike world. The more you live with your Comma quilt, the more words are revealed. The goal is to create timeless, sophisticated quilts, with a hint of playfulness that are functional heirlooms.

Founded by in 2010, Comma Workshop is influenced by the slow-craft movement, with each piece hand- and machine-crafted to order by a group of talented quilters. Based on the cottage industry model, each quilter sets their own price and takes on as much or as little work as they like — making time for family, other jobs and community involvement. By keeping production local, the workshop maintains a high level of craft and quality.

Comma Workshop is based in Boulder, Colo.


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