Fenella Elms is a sculpturer whose pieces invoke the transformative quality of porcelain clay and its potential for creating surface texture and building sculptural dimension. Although Fenella takes a different approach for the making of each body of work, the attitude is the same. All her work builds with a connection of separate parts: an interest in the interaction that comes about through placing in formation; the shifting components form a co-operative body. Her goal is the finished work to be alive, responding to light and the angle of view around it.

Fenella first discovered working with clay when in 1981. She sought out workshops and classes over the years until she was given a wheel in 2004 and began the more intensive teaching that college offered.

Her work has received numerous accolades, including the  2011 Ceramic Review Award for Exceptional, Innovative and Challenging work at Ceramic Art London, Royal College of Art.

Fenella is based in Wiltshire, England.



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